1. Enter your information on the sign in page
  2. Click Log in
  3. A personalized “Grid” will appear that will look something like this:
    Personalized Grid
    • The goal of the program is to accumulate enough points (enough change) to complete the Level.

  4. Click on a selected task to get instructions for that day.
    Selected Task
  5. Accumulate points by completing the tasks.
    Complete Task
    Completed Points
    • Completing the workout, in this example, resulted in 4 points toward the level 1 goal of 85.25 points for this user. Each point total and points gained are specifically for each individual, based on answers to the questions in the Signup

  6. Listen to your body’s feedback. If you aren’t “feeling” a certain task, adjust the day to fit your mood. The grid will recalibrate to keep you on track.
    Adjust Tasks
    • The dropdown box (blue arrow) allows you to switch the day to an Off Day, a Recovery Day, or a Different Workout. In this example, we chose to switch to a Recovery Day instead of the Level 1 Kappa Workout.

    Recalibrated Tasks
    • Notice the day has been changed (blue arrow) and the rest of the grid has recalibrated to keep you on track toward your goal (green arrows).

  7. Complete the new task to accumulate the day’s points
    Completed Day's Points
    • at this point, this user has accumulated 9 points (blue arrow) toward the original Level 1 goal of 85.25.

  8. Continue to work the grid – listening to your body’s signals – until the level is complete.

    • Complete as many levels as you can. The more you do, the more you change!