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"The long awaited alternative to "no pain, no gain." This program is individualized for each user, designed to respond and self-adjust to individual rates of progress and feedback in real time. It knowingly retreats when the user is ready to quit, and enthusiastically embraces them when they feel motivated. It is supported by medical and software science, and is created to be dynamic and flexible; to quietly integrate into the peaks and valleys of peoples lives - and get them to a new place."


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"The Catching Point principles are deliberate and well thought out. Each exercise contains a specific intention for adaptation - and the workouts have been arranged masterfully."

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- Mark Stefanac. Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and senior instructor. Cleveland, Ohio


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"The Catching Point movements are exquisitely functional. They have been carefully chosen to complement each other within and between workouts. Wonderfully done."

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- Ed Schiavone. Fellow, American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. Faculty Kaiser Hayward Physical Therapy Fellowship, Excel Sports Medicine. Palo Alto, California


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"The Catching Point principles are scientifically sound. The focus on recovery leads users to weight loss through new metabolic and hormone profiles."

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- Kevin Lie, MD, MBA. Newark, Delaware


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"Most diet and exercise programs are static, and try to impose rigid directions on our busy, ever-adjusting schedules – inevitably leading to failure. The Catching Point Transformation Program is dynamic. It keeps us on track."

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- Brian Sisung. Medical Device Specialist, Husband, Father. Atlanta, GA


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"No other industry would survive in the free market with products that predictably disappoint. The calorie intake recommendations of most popular diets for weight loss are not sustainable. Combine that with new onset fad exercise, and you have a recipe for certain failure. Sadly, this same recipe leads to repeat tries – thereby sustaining a billion dollar fitness industry with a 98% failure rate."

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- J. David Prologo, MD